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Simpsons Trivia Night

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On the 3rd Thursday of every month, we will host a themed trivia night. 

Thursday, October 18th, will be our first trivia night and will feature one of the most beloved shows of all time, The Simpsons.  his event will deal only with seasons 1 through 10 so enjoy brushing up on those classic episodes.  There will be prizes, food, and plenty of laughs.  Space will be limited to 10 teams and have a max of 5 people per team, come out and enjoy this first of many to come.

Trivia begins at 6:30pm


Beer for Boobs

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These Last 6 months in the tasting room have been amazing.  Seeing all the smiling faces come in and enjoy our sour beer is an amazing feeling.  Now it’s time to give back. 

Fundraisers will be a regular thing going forward, and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it will be the perfect place to get the ball rolling.  Starting Tuesday, October 9th when we tap Our new beer  Pomegranate Espresso, we will be donating 50%of proceeds from both this and last week’s Pomegranate Ginger keg to the Beer for Boobs Foundation.  

Beer for Boobs is a wonderful non-profit that “creates a positive relationship with the brewing community & compassionate businesses to promote breast cancer awareness, support those fighting cancer, and fund life-saving research.”  Come out and enjoy some delicious sour beer while giving back to an incredibly important cause.

Blueberry Vanilla Espresso Wild Ale

Blueberry Espresso

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Join us for a coffee/beer lunch break.  We are now open at noon on Thursdays and Fridays.  We are located next door to Grandma’s Deli, so come on by for lunch and grab a few sour beers on your break.

We took locally roasted espresso beans and added them to our blueberry sour. We then added some vanilla beans to round out the beer. The blueberries showcase the espresso beans extremely well.

Join us on a flavor journey that will get you buzzzzzzzzed.

All About that Base Dry Hopped with El dorado and Simcoe

Golden Sour with Hops

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All About that Base III Dry Hopped with El Dorado and Simcoe.  

Another start to the work week and another sour beer from your friends at California Wild Ales.  This week’s beer features our golden sour ale stacked with tropical aromas with the dankness of Simcoe.  This golden sour is a refreshing change from some of the heavier beer on the market.  This beer drinks beautifully on hot summer days.  

Stop by our tasting room and try out our dry-hopped golden sour, or sip on one of the 9 other sour beer that we have on tap.  To see what other beers will be on tap this week visit our Tap List page.

For a complete List of our hours visit our Contact page.

Flower Sour Wild Ale

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California Wild Ales is back at it with another Sour Beer for your taste buds.   We would like to introduce you to a gorgeous Purple Drink!   We took our Golden Base and added Sumac and Lemongrass.  This created a beautiful dark rose colored beer.  We then added the Butterfly Pea Flower and voila!  A delicious purple colored beer!

This sour beer is perfectly refreshing for the hot summer days.  Your palate is first greeted by the bright aroma of the lemongrass, followed by the earthiness of the base beer.  The sumac berries add an extra level of tartness, and the butterfly pea flower round this beer out by turning everything a beauty a deep purple. 

This complex sour beer delivers layers upon layers of flavor that your taste buds are sure to enjoy.

Stop by our tasting room and take a sip on a some Purple Drink.  To see what other beers will be on tap this week visit our Tap List page.

For a complete List of our hours visit our Contact page.

California Wild Ales - Blueberry Sour Beer

Blueberry Pie Wild Ale

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Blueberry Pie Wild Ale

 – California Wild Ales is back with another sour beer from our Pastry Sour Series.
Fresh Blueberries, Vanilla, and Cinnamon make up our next pastry sour.  The deep purple color of this refreshing wild ale will lure you in upon first sight.  This beauty features the sweetness of the blueberry as well as notes of cinnamon and vanilla.   This complex sour beer delivers layers of flavor that your taste buds will enjoy.

Stop by our tasting room and take a sip on a Blueberry Pie Wild Ale.  To see what other beers will be on tap this week visit our Tap List page.

Tangerine California Wild Ale

Tangerine Dreams

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California Wild Ales Tangerine Sour

Nothing says summer beer quite like adding a bit of citrus to it.  We took this remarkably juicy fruit and added them to our golden sour beer.  We then dry hopped our beer with Citra and Simcoe hops to create a multi-layered adventure for your taste buds.
We used Organic Goldnugget Tangerines from Stehly Farm Organics located in Valley Center, CA.  We were blown away by the sweetness and quality of the fruit.  After tasting a few slices we knew that these would be perfect to pair with fruit forward hops.
Stop by the tasting room and join us as we tap the Tangerine Wild Ale this Thursday, August 2nd at 4:oo pm.


As always we will have 9 other amazing wild ales on draught as well, including last week’s Cherry Cobbler Wild Ale, and an unlikely fan favorite Beets & Cinnamon Sour Ale.   For a complete list of our available Wild Ales check out our ever-evolving Tap List.
Cherry Cobbler - Pastry Sour Series

Cherry Cobbler

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Cherry Cobbler California Wild Ales  (Pastry Sour Series)

We are extremely proud of our Pastry Sours.  Our latest creation is a California Wild Ales Cherry Cobbler!  We’ve taken our base beer that’s been aged in wine barrels for almost a year and added over 3 pounds of cherries per gallon of beer, a dash of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla to make this amazing Pastry Sour.

Join us Thursday, July 26th as we tap this decadent Pastry Sour. We will have 9 other wonderfully wild sour ales on tap for you to sample.  For a complete list of our weekly wild ales please check out our Tap List.

All aboard the flavor train!

91X Beers for Breakfast - California Wild Ales

91X Beers for Breakfast

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We had a great time on 91X Beers for Breakfast.

The segment was hosted by Paul and Danielle and things got a little funky.  We loved that we were able to share a bit about ourselves and the humble beginnings of our brewery.  We also loved the fact that we were able to share our fermentation process.  Even Danielle (who is admittedly a hop-head…enjoyed our ales)

Here’s what we drank:

Salted Yuzu Wild Ale            4.7% ABV

Guava Wild Ale                      4.7% ABV

Watermelon Wild Ale            4.7% ABV

To check out the entire segment visit the 91X website.

San Diego City Beat

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This article was written by Beth Demmon and originally published in San Diego City Beat

Despite significant delays resulting in late entry into an already crowded craft beer scene, California Wild Ales (4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd.) hopes to soon launch a surprisingly original concept in Sorrento Valley: San Diego’s first all-wild-ale blendery.

“We will dive into all facets of wild ales, [which are] what we love first and foremost,” confirms Zack Brager, one of California Wild Ales’ co-founders. “[We’re] focusing mostly on a couple different sour bases for now and branching out as opportunity presents itself. We would love to do some coolship brewing (a fermentation process that uses open, shallow vessels to cool wort) as well someday, but have no idea when that might happen.”

Wild ales are brews that use “wild” yeast (like Brettanomyces) and/or bacteria (like Lactobacillus and Pediococcus). Due to the unpredictable nature of their fermentation, consistency is difficult to attain, but they often result in funky and sour flavors. Basically, wild ales can be sour ales, but not all sour ales are wild. Terroir (the unique flavor of the surrounding environment) is crucial, so it’ll be interesting to see how Sorrento Valley’s terrain affects the final products.

Other breweries like Toolbox Brewing Company committed themselves to completely wild brews long ago, but California Wild Ales aims to focus on solely barrel-aged wild ales.

“We thought even with all the breweries in San Diego, there was room for much more barrel-aged wild ales,” remarks Brager.

By collaborating with breweries who will provide the wort (unfermented beer), California Wild Ales will be able to ferment and age it in different barrels to eventually blend the ever-funkifying fluid into unique wild offerings. Less time in the barrels will result in milder styles such as Berlinerweisses and fruity wheat beers, while lambics and other longer-aged brews will come later (in some cases, years from now).

The three founders—Cameron Pryor (head of brewing operations), Bill DeWitt (design), and Brager (business management)—plan to use more traditional fermenting equipment such as puncheons and foeders (wooden fermentation vessels typically used to ferment or inoculate sour, farmhouse and wild ales) in lieu of kettle souring. California Wild Ales’ 1,700-square-foot barrel house and forthcoming tasting room may be open by this summer after nearly two-and-a-half years of planning and permitting, but that’s a hopeful estimate.

“We are going to have our first member party and bottle release soon and hopefully a public sale shortly after,” says Brager. “The tasting room will come when we feel we have enough beer to keep it stocked. Until then, it will be all retail bottle sales with a few scattered kegs in the wild (see what I did there?). We may go the route of The Rare Barrel and have a small tasting room only open a few days a week with plans to open a full time off-site location in the next few years. With Cam’s chef background, we may be moving towards a brewpub down the road.”

In spite of the opening day delays, the team’s attitude remains optimistic.“We are still on the path to becoming San Diego’s first 100-percent wild ale blendery,” confirms Brager. “No clean beers in sight.”

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