Grapefruit Wild Ale

Breakfast Beer for the Summer!!!

Our Grapefruit Wild Ale was blended specifically to highlight the fresh local fruit. While many grapefruit beers offer a subtle hint of the fruit, this one explodes with grapefruit flavor!  The Oro Blanco and Ruby Red Grapefruit were handpicked in nearby Escondido, California.  We wanted our fruit to really shine so we racked them onto our barrel-aged golden sour and let them rest for 3 months.

The resulting flavor is a fresh glass of grapefruit juice that can be enjoyed in the morning, although we don’t recommend drinking too early.


ONLY 100 Bottles Available

We are proud to be San Diego’s only all barrel-aged sour house and we are constantly striving to bring you new funky brews.  As always we keep 10 sours on tap at our tasting room.  If you are looking to take your tastebuds on a funky adventure … pickup a few bottles and taste what you’ve been missing.  We are open 6 days a week Tuesday-Sunday.