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Indulge your taste buds in the captivating world of funky and sour beer at California Wild Ales, a premier brewery in the vibrant city of San Diego. Born out of our passion for pushing the boundaries of flavor, we have embarked on a journey to create exceptional brews using time-honored brewing techniques.

Dive into the Complexity of Barrel-Aged Sour Beers

At California Wild Ales, we are dedicated to crafting barrel-aged sour beers that defy convention. By patiently aging our beers in oak barrels for 9-12 months, we achieve a remarkable depth of flavor that is both tart and funky. But we don’t stop there. To infuse an extra layer of complexity, we then introduce fresh local fruits, allowing our brews to re-ferment for an additional 4-8 weeks. This meticulous process may take longer, but we assure you the wait is truly worthwhile.


Discover our Two Distinct Locations in San Diego

With two distinctive locations, California Wild Ales invites you to immerse yourself in our unique brewing experience. Visit our Hidden Barrelhouse in the scenic Midway District, where you can witness our passion firsthand. Alternatively, soak in the laid-back atmosphere of our newly opened Beach Vibe Tasting Room in the vibrant Ocean Beach neighborhood. Whichever location you choose, our barrel-aging expertise will captivate your senses and demonstrate why it truly makes all the difference.

Experience the Artistry of Barrel-Aged Sour Beers in San Diego

Unleash your taste for adventure and embark on a flavor-filled journey at California Wild Ales in sunny San Diego. With our commitment to crafting exceptional barrel-aged sour beers using traditional brewing techniques, we invite you to savor the complexity and uniqueness of our brews. Join us and discover why our love for funky, sour beer has transformed into an unparalleled craft that leaves an indelible mark on your palate.


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Discover the Exquisite Craftsmanship of Our Barrel-Aged Sour Beers in San Diego

At our brewery, we invite you to experience the artistry behind our carefully crafted barrel-aged sour beers. With utmost care and dedication, we curate recipes that result in a delightful fusion of funkiness and refreshment. We source fresh, locally grown produce from San Diego’s own farmers and backyard growers, allowing the vibrant flavors to shine and enhance the complexity of our brews.

Unveiling the Beauty of Complexity through Oak Barrel Aging

To create a truly captivating drinking experience, we age our beers in a selection of American, French, and Hungarian oak barrels. This meticulous process adds layers of complexity as the flavors gracefully intertwine and mature over the course of approximately 12 months. The result is a depth of flavor that showcases the very essence of Southern California, proudly crafted by our nimble team.

San Diego’s Sour House

We embrace our role as a sour house in San Diego’s bustling craft beer community. Our dedication to excellence and innovation has earned us the privilege of being known as a go-to destination for sour beer enthusiasts. Join us on a journey of taste exploration and discover the distinctive character and flavors that have made us a favorite in the hearts of San Diegans and visitors alike.

California Wild Ales - San Diego Sour House - Sour Beer

Gose Loco

Gose Loco is a Small Batch Mixed-Fermentation Wild Ale that was Barrel-Aged for 12 months. We soaked Hungarian Oak in Añejo Tequila for 2 months… when that was ready we added it to our Golden Sour.  We then added whole Bearss Limes that we picked in Escondio, CA.  To round out the flavor we added Sea Salt and Agave Nectar.  Our California Wild Ale Gose aged tequila flavor will be the perfect compliment to your next fiesta.

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California Wild Ales - San Diego Sour House - Sour Beer

Peach Cobbler

Fuzzy Peaches is a Small Batch Mixed-Fermentation Pastry Sour Ale that was Barrel-Aged for 12 months.  We rested this beer on a ridiculous amount of peaches for an additional 2 months.  Some Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon were added and Peach Cobbler was born.  This is the perfect beer for a backyard barbeque or sipping poolside with friends.  We will be releasing this beauty in September, so be on the lookout.

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We would love to connect with those who have a love for the funk and for  delicious barrel-aged sour beer. Keep your eyes open for events around Southern California including Beer Tastings, Art/ Gallery Showings, Food Pairings with Bottle Sharing… and much more.

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