Blueberry Bonanza – Mixed 4 Pack of Wild Ales

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Who loves Blueberries???  We do.  We do.  It’s time for a Blueberry Bonanza!!!

In honor of SDBW 2020, we are releasing our first ever 4 Pack of Blueberry Wild Ales.  Each pack contains four flavors including Carlsbad Blueberry, Blue on Blue, Blueberry Pie, and Satsuma Blueberry.  Each one of these flavors is amazing on its own… but put them in a pack together and it gets even better.  Try them vertically or on their individually…there is no wrong way to consume these barrel-aged blueberry beers.

Every one of these beers was made with local blueberries from The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.   Taste the difference that local blueberries impart on each beer.

And as an added bonus we will be taking 15% off each Blueberry Bonanza 4 Pack.

We are only releasing (20) 4 Packs of 500ml bottles.

Barrel-Aged 12 Months | Mixed Pack of Blueberry Wild Ales | 500ml | 5% ABV

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