Jabba the Hopp w/ Simco Hops

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Jabba the Hopp w/ Simco


“Jabba the Hopp” – a tantalizing concoction born from the depths of Tatooine’s most infamous brewery. This dry-hopped golden sour ale is a testament to cunning and flavor mastery. Aged in oak for a patient twelve moons, it emerges with a complexity that rivals even the most notorious gangster in the galaxy.


Jabba the Hopp’s secret weapon lies in its infusion of Simcoe hops, imparting a bold character and a tantalizing aroma that beckons with every sip. But it doesn’t stop there. To ensnare the elusive Han SoLoquat, Jabba himself has orchestrated a symphony of flavor, adding Simco hops to the brew. The result? A dance of tropical fruit and pineapple notes that weave through the palate, irresistible to even the most discerning of scoundrels.

So, heed the call of Jabba the Hopp, for within its golden depths lies the promise of adventure and intrigue. And remember, with every sip, you’re one step closer to claiming the bounty of flavor that awaits.


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