Let’s go Wild in OB!

We started California Wild Ales five years ago with one goal…to bring our funky sour beers to San Diego.

Fast forward five years, and we are ready to bring our concept home to Ocean Beach. We are beyond excited to bring our funky brews to this fabulous neighborhood. The style of beer we make is different from the typical SD beer style of IPAs. Our adventurous wild ales are the perfect beverage for those who want to send their taste buds on an epic journey. We hope to follow in the footsteps of other iconic OB locations such as OB Noodle House, Hodads, Nicos, OB Hardware, among others.

Our new tasting room is roughly 1200 sq/ft and will feature 16 taps, 10 of which will be our sours and the remaining beers we have reserved for some surprises.
We recently signed a lease for a new tasting room that comes in at roughly 1,200 square feet and is equipped with 16 taps. DeWitt and Brager expect to offer at least 10 different sour beers, with the remaining half-dozen taps reserved for some “surprises.”

We are thrilled to become part of the fabric of this vibrant community of Ocean Beach.  Follow our escapades on Instagram and Facebook as we build out the new space with our signature California Wild Ales style.

Bill and Zack at the California Wild Ales launch party in Ocean Beach 2016