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Local Prickly Pear hand-picked in Ocean Beach, San Diego leads the charge on this mouthwatering wild ale. It’s sweet like candy with a beautiful, bright orange color and balanced acidity, a bottle that you’ll immediately want more of.

Brewed with organic prickly pear, a cactus found in our San Diego landscape, this tart yet slightly sweet wild ale has a bright, fruity flavor and floral aroma.  A touch of Malden Sea Salt on the backend helps to keep this beer balanced.

These prickly pears are grown right in Ocean Beach and served in the tasting room right down the street.  Talk about hyper-local!

Once this is gone … you will have to wait a full year for its return.

Barrel-Aged 12 Months | Prickly Pear Wild Ale | 500ml | 5% ABV

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