Join Us for Some Stone Fruit Sours

Stone Fruit & Sour Beer…is there anything better? We don’t think so. That’s why for this year’s San Diego Beer Week, we are tapping three delicious stone fruit beers. Ocean Peach, Del Mar Nectarine, and Salted Plum.

Ocean Peach Wild Ale

We started with our golden ale that we aged 12 months in oak barrels to produce tart flavors, fruity notes, and a funky character. We then added a ridiculous amount of Ocean Beach peaches to our golden sour base.

Del Mar Peach

We reached out to our good friend Eric for some of his homegrown nectarines, and man, are we glad we did. These nectarines are bursting with stone fruit deliciousness. We added these beauties to our barrel-aged golden sour and let them sit for around three months. The result speaks for itself… you have to try this one.

Salted Plum

For our third beer of the frenzy, we found some over-ripe plums that were begging to become beer. We took these plums and gave them the love they deserved. We rested them on barrel-aged golden sour for six months. We then added a healthy amount of Maldon Sea Salt. The salty and sour combination will leave you thirsting for more.

Every one of these beers was made with a ridiculous amount of Stone Fruit…almost 3 pounds per gallon. Taste the difference that a ton of fruit imparts!

Available for a short time!

We are proud to be San Diego’s only all barrel-aged sour house and we are constantly striving to bring you new funky brews.  We are honored to be a part of such a thriving San Diego craft beer scene.

We are stoked for this year’s San Diego Beer Week and we hope you can come out and celebrate with us!

Our Sorrento Valley location has ten sours on tap as well as a crushable lager.  If you make your way to Ocean Beach you can enjoy ten sours on tap, four beer-flavored beers, and a hard yerba mate.  If you are looking to take your tastebuds on a funky adventure … stop by and taste what you’ve been missing.

Lineup for SD Beer Week