Cans Cans Cans!!!

California Wild Ales is thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our brewing journey with the launch of Rainbow Weather Hazy Double IPA in convenient 12oz cans. Now, the vibrant spirit of California is just a can away, available exclusively at our Ocean Beach and Point Loma locations.

A Symphony of Flavors, Now in a Can

Rainbow Weather, our beloved Double Hazy IPA, has always been a captivating journey through the diverse flavors of California. Now, this experience is conveniently packaged in a 12oz can. The hazy golden hues, reminiscent of a radiant California sunset, are now portable, allowing you to take the magic of Rainbow Weather wherever your adventures may lead.

Crack open a can, and the air is filled with enticing aromas of juicy tropical fruits, much like the lively energy of the Golden State. The decision to transition this Double Hazy IPA into cans is rooted in our commitment to making exceptional brews accessible to our cherished community in a more convenient format.

Exclusivity at Its Finest: Available Only at Our Locations

These aren’t just ordinary cans – the 12oz cans of Rainbow Weather are exclusively available at our Ocean Beach and Point Loma locations. We believe in creating an intimate connection with our community, and by offering these cans solely at our establishments, we aim to enhance the experience of enjoying Rainbow Weather.

The decision to keep Rainbow Weather in-house speaks to our commitment to quality and the desire to share this brew in an environment crafted with the same care and passion that goes into brewing each batch. We want you to savor the flavors in a setting that echoes the very essence of our brewing philosophy.

Everyone Love Everyone!

Crafted with Love, Canned for Inclusivity

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Rainbow Weather not only embodies the essence of the wild California spirit but is also a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. This beer is a celebration of love, diversity, and acceptance, a reminder that inclusivity is a value we hold dear.

So, whether you’re headed to the beach, planning a picnic, or simply relaxing at home, Rainbow Weather 12oz cans make the experience even more convenient. The portability of these cans allows you to carry the California spirit with you, creating memorable moments wherever you go.

Here’s to Love, Diversity, and Convenience

Join us in celebrating this exciting chapter in our brewing journey. Swing by our Ocean Beach or Point Loma location, grab a pack of Rainbow Weather 12oz cans, and let the adventure begin. Here’s to love, diversity, and the convenience of carrying the California spirit in your hand – cheers to Rainbow Weather in cans, and to many more years of crafting and celebrating extraordinary moments! Cheers!