Imperial Guard Red Wine Sangria

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Imperial Guard Red Wine Sangria.

Our Sangria is a Mixed Fermentation Wild Ale that has been aged in the darkness of oak barrels for an entire year before it was racked onto Cabernet Franc grapes and fresh blood oranges. This unique combination of flavors creates a wine-like sour that will satisfy even the most ruthless of Sith Lords.

The freshness from the yeast on grape skins pairs harmoniously with our house culture, creating a flavor profile that is as complex as the Dark Side of the Force. The sour notes are reminiscent of the sharp wit of Darth Vader, while the funkiness adds a touch of rebellion that is sure to excite any Star Wars fan.

Overall, the Sangria is a beer that is as powerful as the Dark Side itself. It’s a beer that will take you on a journey through the galaxies, just like how the Sith Lords have traveled across the galaxy to expand their power. The flavor profile is well-balanced and nuanced, creating a well-rounded and delicious taste that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re a fan of the Dark Side of the Force or just looking for a beer that packs a punch, the Sangria is the perfect beer for you. It’s a beer that will satisfy your taste for the forbidden, leaving you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. May the power of the Dark Side be with you as you enjoy this delicious beer!



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