Get Ready for a Galactic Gathering on May 4th!

Brace yourselves for an intergalactic extravaganza as California Wild Ales gears up to host a Star Wars-themed bash on May 4th! With an array of craft brews boasting names straight out of the saga, such as Darth Citrius and Juicy Jedi IPA, this event promises to be a celestial celebration.

Star Wars enthusiasts and beer aficionados are invited to join the fun and immerse themselves in a chill, celebratory vibe ideally suited to the essence of Ocean Beach. Prepare to journey through a galaxy of themed drinks, decor, and entertainment, including a thrilling costume contest where attendees can showcase their best Star Wars attire. Prizes and giveaways will add to the excitement, ensuring a day filled with unforgettable moments.

We will bring back some crowd favorites, including Jabba the Hop, Darth Citrius, C3-POrter, the Mangolorian, and more as part of the festivities. These beloved brews pay homage to iconic characters and moments from the Star Wars universe, adding extra excitement to the event.

We’re pumped to blend two of our passions – Star Wars and craft beer – into one epic event. Seeing our customers embrace the day, whether it’s through their costumes or their brew choices, always gets us hyped. We’re already gearing up for next year’s bash!

This year’s May 4th festivity is poised to draw fans from across San Diego. It promises to unite a diverse crowd of Star Wars devotees and beer enthusiasts under one roof. The celebration will occur at both our Ocean Beach and Midway locations, ensuring that everyone can participate in the excitement.

Take advantage of this out-of-this-world experience at California Wild Ales on May 4th. May the Force be with you!

May the Fourth Be with You

California Wild Ales - May the Fourth be With you Celebration
California Wild Ales - May the Fourth be With you Celebration
California Wild Ales - May the Fourth be With you Celebration