CWA Takes Home the Gold!

California Wild Ales Takes the Crown at the 43rd Annual Chili Cookoff in Ocean Beach

The 43rd Annual Chili Cookoff in Ocean Beach recently concluded with a surprising twist, as California Wild Ales, a local brewery known for its experimental craft beers, emerged as the champion. The key to their victory was an outstanding chili recipe crafted by the talented Monica DeWitt, who had previously secured third place in last year’s competition. Let’s dive into the story behind California Wild Ales’ triumph and Monica DeWitt’s impressive culinary journey.

Monica DeWitt’s Journey to Success: Monica DeWitt, an enthusiastic chili enthusiast and flavor enthusiast, has been participating in the Ocean Beach Chili Cookoff for the past two years. Despite not being a professional chef, her passion for culinary creativity and dedication to perfecting her chili recipe earned her a well-deserved third-place finish last year. Her determination and commitment to refining her skills set the stage for her remarkable achievement this year.

We approached this year’s Chili Cookoff with a unique strategy. They sought to combine their exceptional craft beers, particularly our Bike Lane LAger, with Monica DeWitt’s award-winning chili recipe, creating a distinct fusion of flavors. This collaboration between the brewery and a passionate chili enthusiast set them apart from their competitors.

Monica DeWitt’s winning chili recipe, enhanced by the incorporation of California Wild Ales’ craft beers, captivated the judges and attendees alike. Her careful selection of spices and premium ingredients, combined with the addition of the brewery’s distinct flavors, resulted in a truly unforgettable culinary experience. The final dish showcased a perfect balance of heat, sweetness, and a subtle hint of hoppy bitterness, leaving a lasting impression on all who tasted it.

43rd Annual Chili Champs

The Ocean Beach community was thrilled by California Wild Ales’ victory at the 43rd Annual Chili Cookoff. The event, a beloved tradition that unites locals and visitors, witnessed an outpouring of support for the brewery and Monica DeWitt. The triumph served as a testament to the region’s culinary creativity and the spirit of collaboration.

The success of California Wild Ales and Monica DeWitt in the Chili Cookoff has opened new doors for both the brewery and chili enthusiasts alike. Their collaboration showcased the incredible potential of infusing craft beer into culinary creations, sparking inspiration for future experimentation. This recognition will ignite interest in their unique offerings and inspire others to explore innovative flavor combinations.

The 43rd Annual Chili Cookoff in Ocean Beach will be remembered for California Wild Ales’ victory and Monica DeWitt’s impressive culinary skills. Their exceptional chili recipe, enriched by the infusion of California Wild Ales’ craft beers, earned them the prestigious gold medal. This win symbolizes the triumph of passion, dedication, and the spirit of collaboration. As the Ocean Beach community continues to celebrate this remarkable achievement, it is clear that California Wild Ales and Monica DeWitt have made their mark on the local culinary scene, inspiring others to push the boundaries of flavor exploration.