California Wild Ales is back at it with another Sour Beer for your taste buds.   We would like to introduce you to a gorgeous Purple Drink!   We took our Golden Base and added Sumac and Lemongrass.  This created a beautiful dark rose colored beer.  We then added the Butterfly Pea Flower and voila!  A delicious purple colored beer!

This sour beer is perfectly refreshing for the hot summer days.  Your palate is first greeted by the bright aroma of the lemongrass, followed by the earthiness of the base beer.  The sumac berries add an extra level of tartness, and the butterfly pea flower round this beer out by turning everything a beauty a deep purple. 

This complex sour beer delivers layers upon layers of flavor that your taste buds are sure to enjoy.

Stop by our tasting room and take a sip on a some Purple Drink.  To see what other beers will be on tap this week visit our Tap List page.

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