Spicy Pickle Sour





This crisp and refreshing sour beer is the perfect beverage for someone who is looking to quench their thirst. We took our salty Gose-style beer and added Fresh Cucumber, Dill, Black Peppercorn, Malden Sea Salt, Heat Packer’s Hot Flakes…grown and ground in Ocean Beach, Ca. The result is a refreshing, pickle-y sour/salty/spicy combination that will quench your thirst.

Our Spicy Pickle Sour is deliciously refreshing, with unmistakable fresh dill on the nose and cucumber on taste, followed by a sour pickle finish, and then a little blast of spice.   This beer is a wonderful thirst quencher on a hot summer day or the perfect way to recharge after a long day at the beach.   Coming in at 5% ABV …so you can sip on Spicy Pickles all day long.  We are beyond excited about this beer…and after one sip you will be too.

If you love Dill Pickles, a little bit of Spice, and Sour Beers… then you need our Spicy Pickly Beer in your life.  You’ll thank us later.

We added locally grown HeatPackers hot pepper blend to this beer to spice it up a bit.  HeatPackers is a local OB company owned by our good friend Jennifer Barker.  Just one sip and you will know why we call it Spicy Pickle Sour!