Lady in Red – Flanders Ale with Tea

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Lady in Red – Flanders Red Ale with Lady Grey Tea

9% ABV

Elevating the artistry of traditional brewing, California Wild Ales proudly presents Lady in Red, a captivating Flanders Red Ale infused with the delicate essence of Lady Grey Tea. With each sip, this enchanting brew reveals a harmonious dance between centuries-old brewing techniques and a modern twist.

Pouring into the glass with a rich, ruby-red hue reminiscent of a stunning sunset, Lady in Red entices the senses from the very first glance. Its luscious foam crown rests elegantly atop the liquid, offering a tantalizing invitation to delve into its complex depths.

As the aromas weave their way through the air, the fragrant bouquet of Lady Grey Tea intertwines with the traditional characteristics of a Flanders Red Ale. The intriguing notes of bergamot orange, black tea, and a touch of lemon zest combine seamlessly with the beer’s inherent profile, creating an alluring tapestry of scents.

With each sip, Lady in Red enchants the palate, unveiling a symphony of flavors. The base Flanders Red Ale reveals its intricate layers of malt complexity, featuring a gentle caramel sweetness and a subtle toasted bread character. Delicately woven into this tapestry of flavors are the elegant nuances of Lady Grey Tea, contributing a graceful herbal quality that perfectly complements the beer’s inherent tartness.

A medium body and a smooth, velvety mouthfeel add to the overall allure of this brew. The artful balance of malt sweetness, gentle acidity, and herbal undertones make Lady in Red a refined and refreshing experience.

Whether sipped on its own or paired with fine cuisine, Lady in Red captivates the senses and transports the drinker to a world where tradition meets innovation.

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