Imperial Strike IPA

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Imperial Strike West Coast IPA – 7.2% ABV

“Imperial Strike” is a force to be reckoned with, a bold and powerful West Coast IPA that embodies the strength and dominance of the Imperial Empire. With a rich, golden color and a hop-forward aroma, this beer will strike you with its assertive, resinous flavor.

Brewed with a blend of premium hops, “Imperial Strike” is a full-bodied beer with a crisp, dry finish that lingers on the palate. The bitterness is well-balanced, creating a harmonious interplay of hop flavors and aromas that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

With every sip, you’ll be transported to the front lines of an intergalactic battle, where the Empire’s forces are on full display. The beer’s name evokes the Empire’s strategy of striking hard and fast, overwhelming their enemies with their sheer power.

Whether you’re a loyal supporter of the Empire or a rebel looking to take down the ruling power, “Imperial Strike” is a beer that will satisfy your thirst for adventure. So raise a glass to the might of the Empire and enjoy the bold flavor of this West Coast IPA.

A dank IPA made with Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, and Amarillo.

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