I’m Kind of a Big Dill


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Introducing “I’m Kind of a Big Dill,” our extraordinary Pickle Sour—a refreshing masterpiece designed to quench your thirst and captivate your taste buds. Crafted from a Gose-style beer, we infused this brew with Fresh Cucumber, Dill, Black Peppercorn, & Sea Salt during secondary fermentation, resulting in a symphony of flavors that evoke a delightful pickle-inspired sourness—a perfect antidote for those sweltering summer days.

Savor the unique charm of “I’m Kind of a Big Dill”—a deliciously refreshing elixir boasting the unmistakable aroma of fresh dill and the distinct taste of cucumber, all culminating in a tangy pickle finish. Not just a thirst-quencher, this beer serves as a splendid way to rejuvenate after a sun-soaked day at the beach. With a modest 5% ABV, “I’m Kind of a Big Dill” invites you to enjoy its distinctive profile from dawn to dusk. Our excitement for this brew knows no bounds, and we’re confident that one sip will leave you equally thrilled.

For enthusiasts of Dill Pickles and Sour Beers, “I’m Kind of a Big Dill” is a must-have addition to your collection. Embrace the unique flavors and thank us later.