Blueberry Pancake – Pastry Sour Beer


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Who’s ready for a Breakfast Sour?

Following in the tradition of our Pastry Sours … we set out to create a decadent one-of-a-kind Blueberry Pancake Wild Ale. We started with fresh blueberries that we sourced locally from The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.  We added organic Maple Syrup, fresh Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, and just a touch of Cinnamon to amp up the Pastry-goodness. With Blueberry Pancake we have created what tastes like blueberry pancakes, and maple syrup in a glass, no other way to describe it.


We are only releasing (60) 500ml bottles.  This beer will be available on tap at the brewery starting Friday, February 7th.  So order a few bottles, and stop in for a few pours.

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