Graf on Draft

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Graf on Draft | ABV 7%

Introducing “Graf on Draft” – a tantalizing blend of tradition and innovation brewed in collaboration with OB Brewery. This extraordinary beer is a delightful Graf-style creation, harmonizing the world of cider and Saison in every sip.

Pouring a radiant, golden hue with a slight haze, Graf on Draft invites you in with an effervescent and lively presentation. As your senses engage, the aroma dances between the fruity notes of crisp apple cider and the earthy, spicy character of a classic Saison. It’s a captivating olfactory journey that hints at the complexity within.

The first taste reveals a marriage of flavors that’s truly exceptional. The bright, orchard-fresh apple cider infusion provides a refreshing, juicy sweetness, reminiscent of biting into a ripe apple on a sunny autumn day. This sweetness gracefully mingles with the sophisticated complexity of the Saison’s yeast, offering hints of clove, pepper, and a subtle floral essence. The interplay of these elements creates a dynamic, full-bodied beer experience that is both refreshing and complex.

With each sip, Graf on Draft continues to evolve, revealing layers of flavor and texture. The dry, crisp finish invites you to take another sip, making it perfect for both seasoned craft beer enthusiasts and those exploring the world of Graf for the first time.

Crafted with precision and brewed in collaboration with OB Brewery, Graf on Draft is a testament to the artistry of blending beer and cider. It’s a delightful fusion of styles that showcases the creativity and dedication of brewers coming together to create something truly special.

Raise your glass to Graf on Draft – a refreshing, innovative, and harmonious beer that captures the essence of two beloved beverages in perfect unison. Cheers to the spirit of collaboration and the joy of exploration!