Join the Fight

We have teamed up with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and host a fundraiser for the association on Friday, May 21 st starting at 5:00 pm at the brewery’s Sorrento Valley location at 4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Ste. L, San Diego, CA, 92121.

This cause has a very personal connection for Zack Brager, one of our founders, who lost his mother to this horrific disease on July 15th, 1999. The fundraiser will
support Derek Dawson on his quest to become Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Man or Woman of the Year.

“It has been my goal to give back as much as possible. This is why I’m partnering with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to make sure that no one loses a loved one to cancer,” said Zack. “Come out and join us for this extraordinary evening and support a great cause.”

As part of this event, the brewery will release a new beer named after Zack’s mother, Rebecca Jungreis-Brager, called RJB. “This beer is extremely special to me, as it’s the first beer the we have made using Brettanomyces at bottling,” said Zack.  “This process requires a little longer time in the bottle, but the result adds a
layer of funk to the finished product that will cause this beer to age beautifully for years to come.”

RJB is a unique blend of golden sour ale with blueberries from the Carlsbad Flower Fields and Cabernet Franc grapes from Summer’s Vineyard in Escondido. The finished product has a soft and bright tannic character and a tropical funkiness from the late dose of our favorite yeast. After resting in the bottle for approximately five months, the beer is ready to be shared.

California Wild Ales will donate all tips from the evening to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, along with 15% of the bottle proceeds. In addition, people can make a direct donation at:

Join us Friday and help us raise money for this wonderful cause.