West Coast Hughes – IPA

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Introducing West Coast Hughes, an extraordinary West Coast IPA crafted to honor our dear friend Ian Hughes, who has shown incredible resilience and strength after a challenging motorcycle accident. This beer is a testament to Ian’s unwavering spirit and his love for the West Coast brewing tradition.

Pouring a radiant golden hue reminiscent of a breathtaking sunset over the Pacific, West Coast Hughes entices with its captivating appearance. A generous, frothy head crowns the glass, releasing a tantalizing aroma that embraces the senses. The invigorating scent of freshly zested citrus dances harmoniously with resinous pine notes, paying homage to the aromatic landscapes that define the West Coast.

With the first sip, West Coast Hughes reveals its bold character and full-bodied nature. A symphony of hops takes center stage, leading with an assertive bitterness that awakens the palate. Waves of tropical fruit flavors cascade through the taste buds, featuring vibrant notes of grapefruit, passion fruit, and mango. These fruit-forward tones are skillfully balanced by a sturdy malt backbone, imparting a subtle sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

True to the West Coast IPA style, West Coast Hughes showcases an exceptional hop profile. A medley of renowned hop varieties such as Cascade, Centennial, and Simcoe weave together in perfect harmony, delivering an explosive burst of citrusy zest and dank pine resin. This hop-forward extravaganza is complemented by a crisp, dry finish that invites you to take another sip.

Brewed with utmost care and dedication, West Coast Hughes is more than just a beer. It represents the triumph of the human spirit, encapsulating Ian Hughes’ courage and determination in every drop. Join us in raising a glass to Ian’s incredible journey as West Coast Hughes pays homage to his resilience and serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, life’s flavors can still be enjoyed to their fullest. Cheers to Ian Hughes and to embracing the spirit of the West Coast!

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