The Point IPA

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The Point IPA

6.7% ABV  |  West Coast IPA

The Point is a West Coast IPA featuring Huell Melon, Centennial, and El Dorado hops.

This IPA starts with a solid malt base, providing a slightly sweet and toasty backdrop for the hops to shine. Adding Huell Melon hops brings a burst of refreshing aromas, with notes of ripe honeydew melon and delicate fruitiness, adding a subtle and enticing complexity to the beer.
Centennial hops, a classic West Coast hop variety, contribute a bold and resinous character to the IPA. Expect vibrant citrus flavors with a hint of pine, delivering a satisfyingly bitter backbone that complements the maltiness and adds a touch of traditional West Coast IPA character.
Lastly, El Dorado hops provide a burst of tropical and stone fruit flavors to round out the flavor profile. These hops bring notes of juicy pineapple and ripe mango, creating a delightful and tropical twist to the beer.
The combination of Huell Melon, Centennial, and El Dorado hops creates a West Coast IPA that is simultaneously complex, refreshing, and bursting with intense hoppy goodness. The Point IPA is perfect for hop enthusiasts seeking a well-balanced and memorable craft beer experience.

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