Wild Peach Seltzer

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Introducing California Wild Ales’ delightful Peach Seltzer, an exquisite creation that combines the natural beauty of California’s wild peaches with the refreshing effervescence of a perfectly crafted seltzer.

Each sip encapsulates the essence of sun-ripened peaches, transporting you to sprawling orchards bathed in warm sunlight.

The aroma is a tantalizing bouquet of juicy peaches, with their delicate sweetness and a hint of tartness dancing harmoniously. As the effervescent bubbles grace your palate, the flavors burst forth, delivering a mouthwatering symphony of ripe peaches, balanced acidity, and a subtle hint of natural sweetness. The seltzer’s light body and crisp finish make it a refreshing and invigorating choice, perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, lounging by the beach, or celebrating with friends, California Wild Ales’ Peach Seltzer is a sparkling companion that captures the spirit of the vibrant state it calls home. Savor the taste of summer and immerse yourself in the pure delight of this peach-infused beverage.

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