Neighborhood Saison

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Introducing Neighborhood Saison: A Harmonious Fusion of Craftsmanship by California Wild Ales and Ocean Beach Brewery

In the sun-kissed heart of Southern California, where the surf meets the city, two pioneering breweries have come together to create a liquid masterpiece that embodies the spirit of their vibrant neighborhood. Welcome to the world of Neighborhood Saison, a collaborative brew crafted by the skilled hands of California Wild Ales and Ocean Beach Brewery, where tradition meets innovation, and waves of flavor crash upon your palate.

Neighborhood Saison begins its journey with an exquisite twist – a voyage into the heart of oak barrels. These barrels, once home to fine spirits, have imparted a distinct charm to this farmhouse ale. The extended aging process within these barrels has allowed the beer to develop a graceful complexity and depth that sets it apart.