The Long Soak

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The Long Soak

9% ABV

Elevating the artistry of traditional brewing, California Wild Ales proudly presents The Long Soak, a captivating Flanders Red Ale made in collaboration between California Wild Ales and 13 Point Brewing.  We brewed the wort together and barrel-aged at California Wild Ales.

Pouring into the glass with a rich, ruby-red hue reminiscent of a stunning sunset, The Long Soak entices the senses at first glance. Its luscious foam crown rests elegantly atop the liquid, offering a tantalizing invitation to delve into its complex depths.

As the aromas weave through the air, the fragrant bouquet of The Long Soak intertwines with the traditional characteristics of a Flanders Red Ale. The intriguing notes of bergamot orange, black tea, and a touch of lemon zest combine seamlessly with the beer’s inherent profile, creating an alluring tapestry of scents.

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