The Empire Strikes Black (berry)

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The Empire Strikes Blackberry


Prepare to be seduced by the dark side of flavor with our exquisite creation, The Empire Strikes Blackberry! This barrel-aged golden sour ale has been masterfully blended to pay homage to the luscious allure of blackberries, a fruit so tantalizing even the Emperor himself would be tempted.

With a striking balance of alight acidity and subtle earthy tones, this ale boasts a formidable presence, just like the Imperial fleet dominating the galaxy. Each sip unveils the sheer power of over two pounds of blackberries per gallon, stealing the spotlight and commanding attention like a Sith Lord in battle.

As you delve deeper into its depths, you’ll be enraptured by the burst of red wine character, a testament to the dominance of the dark side. Yet, fear not, for a subtle tartness akin to the jamminess of a galactic preserve ensures a harmonious balance, akin to the delicate dance between the Jedi and the Sith.

Jammy, sweet, and refreshingly acidic, The Empire Strikes Blackberry is a true triumph, destined to be cherished by fruited sour lovers across the galaxy. Embrace the darkness and let the force of flavor guide you on a journey to the very heart of the Empire.

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