Citrus Xplosion – A Tropical Citrus Experience


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Embark on a sensory journey with our Citrus Xplosion Sour, a libation crafted to capture the essence of summer in every sip! Our quest led us to the sun-kissed landscapes of Palm Desert, where we carefully harvested a bountiful 400 lbs of Organic Meyer Lemons from a venerable 30-year-old tree. The citrus adventure didn’t stop there; we seized the opportunity to pluck an assortment of fruits from neighboring Grapefruit trees, infusing our brew with a rich tapestry of flavors.

Returning to the brewery, we masterfully blended this citrus symphony with a 2-Barrel concoction of our Barrel-Aged Golden Sour, creating a fusion that celebrates the zestiness of Meyer Lemons while incorporating the distinct nuances of Grapefruit. To elevate the taste experience to new heights, we introduced the vibrant notes of Fresh Pineapple, adding a tropical twist that culminates in a harmonious Citrus Xplosion.

This wild ale is a revelation of refreshment, teasing the senses with an unmistakable citrus aroma that dances upon the nose and palate from the very first sip. The journey concludes with a delightful tropical pineapple finish, making it an ideal companion for those sweltering summer days. At 4.7% ABV, Citrus Xplosion beckons you to indulge in its invigorating allure, inviting you to relish its vibrant flavors throughout the day.

For aficionados of citrus-infused brews and sour delights, this beer is an absolute must-have, a testament to the artistry of combining natural elements to create a symphony of flavors that lingers on the palate and creates a memorable drinking experience. Cheers to the Citrus Xplosion – a triumph of taste and a quintessential companion to the sunny days of summer!

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